For using OpenMD as a desktop application
		Launch a Controller ⇗
		Launch a Controller with Utilities Only ⇗

		The Controller    launches OpenMD application windows ¹

		The Controller is accessible by this icon     
		on the right side of every webpage.

		Or press 'C' on your Keyboard to launch the Controller.

		  The Default Controller

		Get the Embed Code		Get the Launch Code
		Embed Example  ·  Launch a Space Controller ⇗

		Web Browsers Are Awesome

		The Controller uses the web browsers on any computer
		to launch secure application windows.

		For more on Anonymous Browsing, visit Browsing.life

		Using the Keyboard

		The Controller has built-in Keyboard Commands.

			Press 'C'	to launch a Controller ⇗
			Press 'O'	to launch OpenMD ⇗

			C	Opens a Controller in a new window

			X	Opens a Controller (with Utilities only) in a new window

		From the Controller you can launch OpenMD and the Utilities.

			O	OpenMD

			F	OpenMD (full screen width)

				X & F      C & O      C & V   are popular variations being tested

			M	MedGen

			B	BioProject

			P	PubMed Journals

			S	Clinical Trial Sponsors

			G	The Human Reference Genome

		For more Key Commands, visit KeyCommands.life

		Background Video & Configuration

		The Controller can be configured how you want it.

		  Sleek and Powerful

		  Or Snack Size

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		Embed Example  ·  Launch a Water Controller with Utilities Only ⇗

		Professional Grade

		Get the Embed Code
		Embed Example  ·  Launch this Configuration ⇗

		Fully Equipped for Professionals

		OpenMD is made for discovery and knowledge creation,
		containing over 30 million medical reference documents
		with Automated Machine Learning (AutoML).

		The Controller offers free, easy and convenient access
		to the OpenMD medical science platform to any clinician,
		scientist or public user.


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		Balanced City's mission is to provide
		maximum benefit to society through
		the creation of free public health
		applications accessible to anyone
		via the internet.

		Enjoy using and sharing these free
		medical science utilities.

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