OpenMD.life Cloud Desktop

		Launch a Controller ⇗


		The Controller launches the OpenMD.life 
		cloud desktop for machine teaching 
		and clinical decision support. 
		Launch the Controller with this icon     
		on the right side of every webpage.

		Or press C on your Keyboard to launch
		a Controller from anywhere on OpenMD.life

		Try it now.

		Popular Controllers

		            press C or X to launch them

		Get the Embed Code		Get the Launch Code
		Embed Example

		Web Browsers Are Awesome

		The Controller uses web browsers on any computer
		to launch health applications.

		Visit Utilities.life and explore over 35 million pages
		of medical databases or visit Browsing.life for more
		on anonymous private browsing.

		Using the Keyboard

		The Controller has built-in Key Commands.

			Try these keys to launch OpenMD.life Cloud Desktop

			C then O
			C then N

			or add a Toolbar with T
			C then T then N

			For more Key Commands visit KeyCommands.life
			or just press K on your computer keyboard.

		Fully Equipped for Professionals

		OpenMD.life serves discovery and creation of knowledge.

		Any medical professional, scientist or any public user
		anywhere in the world is welcome.

		Just use Authenticate.life and get a Secure ID.

		There are no ads, no signup and no install.

		Now you control OpenMD.life cloud desktop.

		May these Utilities help you to heal and preserve life.

		Mission Driven Creators Serving the Highest Calling
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